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Impactful E-Learning

Date : 2nd May 2020
Time : 10 - 10.30 AM

Throughout the e-learning process, educators are constantly faced with the challenge of creating effective learning experiences for students that truly make a difference.

In this webinar, Mr Anthony Noel Nazareth will share honest and powerful insights on some of his experiences in educating students through digital platforms. This workshop will focus on helping parents build realistic expectations for their children and how to overcome obstacles together. Mr. Anthony will also provide some solutions based on best practices in order to make the most out of e-learning.

This workshop has been designed for parents with students in Class 7 & 8. Join us and Mr Anthony Noel Nazareth for the community engagement webinar on the topic "Quick Take: Impactful E-learning" this Saturday, May 2nd at 10 am.

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