Street 100, Block 1, Abbasiya School Complex,Kuwait

Career Guidance

Indian Central School, Kuwait is a professionally managed Educational Institution, committed to establish new standards in the field of Education. Realising the importance of Career Counselling and guidance, in every child’s Educational aspiration, the School has set up a Guidance and Counselling Cell which organises and supervises Counselling for Students, to prepare them for life within the School and life after School.

Guidance and Counselling activities encompass the following:

  • Helping Students to discover their areas of Interest and Aptitude.
  • Helping Students to make the right choices of different Streams after grade X.
  • Providing updated information about various Institutions, Courses and Careers.
  • Helping Students get connected with Admission Desks of various Universities.
  • Provide personalised Counselling for needed Students.
  • Enhancement of Communication Skills.
  • Training to handle Interviews.
  • Fostering positive attitudes and values.
  • Exposure to motivational speakers to get inspired to perform to their fullest potential.
  • Motivate students towards self -directed learning.

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