Street 100, Block 1, Abbasiya School Complex,Kuwait

Play Area

Indian Central School has an integrated fun playing area, where our students learn early-stage education concepts by engaging themselves in play-based activities. The play area is well-equipped with world-class equipment that provides the little ones with a rich learning climate and facilitates educators to teach life skills and team building in the play-way method.

ICS has both indoor and outdoor play areas. The indoor play area is a dedicated space surrounded by walls and filled with essential items to help students discover various social and emotional roles in life through different creative activities. The outdoor play area lets students enjoy the natural environment and it is completed with equipment like slides, swings and see-saw. The active engagement in both indoor and outdoor events enhances the social, emotional and intellectual abilities of children.

At ICS, the play facilitators are highly vigilant and supervise the kids for their safety when they play using the equipment. The rules of safety are also taught to the students and the practice is reinforced regularly.

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