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Fee & Schedules

New Registration/ Re-registration fee 1st Term (Apr-Jun) 2nd Term (Sep-Nov) 3rd Term (Dec-Mar) Total Fee
50 70 110 110 340

Registration Fee:

A registration fee of KWD 50.000 (Kuwaiti Dinars Fifty only) should be paid at the time of confirming student registration/re-registration with ICS. The total annual tuition fee includes the registration fee. The registration fee is not refundable or transferable .

Tuition Fee Policy:

  • Tuition Fee is subject to change as per instruction from Private Education Department, Ministry of Education.
  • New admission - An application fee of KWD 20.000 (non-refundable) should be paid for new student enrolment with ICS.
  • The student seeking Jdmission from Term 2 onwards must pay KD 50.000 towards registration fee (Non-Refundable).
  • The tuition fee does not include the fee for Books, Uniform and ICT fees. As per school policy these items are to be purchased from the school store. There will be no refund for books, uniform and ICT fees once purchased/paid.
  • No certificate will be issued to a student with any 011tstanding dues. Also, if the application for Transfer Certificate is submitted after the due date of a particular instalment of tuition fee, the same will be issued only after the payment of that instalment.
  • In case the fee payment schedule is not followed, it can lead to denial of admission to the class or to travel in the school bus. If a parent is unable to meet the deadline due to some unavoidable circumstances , he/she should obtain written approval from the School authorities for late payment ofthe fee. Request in this regard has to be submitted to the Principal Office at least 20 days in advance to the instalment due date.

Transportaion fee 2024-2025
S.No Area Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Total transportation fees (KD)
1 Abbasiya / Hassawi 35 35 35 105
2 Abbasiya / Hassawi(KG) 36 37 37 110
3 lsbilya 36 37 37 110
4 Farwan1ya / Khaitan / Omanya 48 49 48 145
5 Farwaniya / Khaitan/ Omariya(KG) 50 50 50 150
6 Riggae / Andalous / Rabiya / Sulaibiya / Saba Al Nasar 50 50 50 150
7 Salmiya / Sabha Al Salem 58 62 60 180
8 Salwa / Seddiq / Jabriya 70 70 70 210
9 Jahra / Saad Abdulla 70 70 70 210
10 sharq / kuwait city / Hawally Maidan / Hawally / Abu halifa / Mangaf / Ma haboula 73 74 73 220

Transportation fee policy:

  • The transportation fee has to be paid in advance for the term, and it is non-refundab le. A student who avails the transportation facility even for a day is liable to pay transportation fees for the full term and no discount is permissible.
  • Cancellation of the transport has to be done in the prescribed form from the school office before the commencement of the term.
  • Any student registering for transportation need to wait for minimum 5 days to arrange the Transport facility,subject to availability of seats.
  • Minimum 10 students are required to provide transport to a particular area .
  • In case a student wishes to discontinue availing of school transport facility, he/she has to give a month's prior notice to the Registration Office, failing which the next instalment of fee will be due and has to be paid. Verbal or electronic messaging communication to the teachers, drivers or transport in charge will not be accepted in this regard.

Withdrawal policy:

Fee First Term Second Term Third Term
Tuition fee After 1" April 2024
The parent must pay the full tuition fee for the 1st term.
If the students leaves at any time during the second term, the parent must pay full 1st & 2nd term fees If the student goes at any time during the third term, the parent must pay for the whole year, all three terms.
Transportation fee If the student leaves at any time during the term, the parent must pay the transport fee for the 1st term. If the student goes at any time during the second term, the parent must pay inclusively full 15! & 2nd term transport fees. If the student leaves at any time during the third term, the parent must pay the transport fee for the whole year, all three terms.

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